Completion date: 2019.07.29.

Duroset Technologie Plastics Műanyagfeldolgozó Kft. was founded in 2009 and is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the plastics industry, through its owners and employees, in the processing of thermoplastic (thermoplastic) and thermosetting (thermosetting) plastics. Our organization has registered under the identification number GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00160 and submitted an application for funding on 25.01.2017 in accordance with the call for submission, which is not attached to the contract, and the sponsor has approved the grant in accordance with the decision of 05.12.2017 in the amount of HUF 118 663 854, i.e. HUF 118 663 854, i.e. HUF 100.86 million, 60.63 million, 8.55 million.

The physical completion date of the project is 29.07.2019. The purchase and installation of the equipment planned under the project has been successfully completed with the planned technical and professional content. Equipment purchased and installed in the project: Tempro Plus D 90 temperers, Drymax E30-30M dryers, Wittmann Battenfeld Z conveyor belt, Allrounder 630H 220 tonne clamping force injection moulding machine, Zeres 1200 injection moulding machine, HM MK 110/210H/130S injection moulding machine, Minor2 grinders, Feedmax pick-ups and valves, Dosimax feeder, Bürstenplatte C1 / Daimler product transfer robot head, KUKA KR16 Robot based injection moulding machine server, Bürstenplatte BM2010 product transfer gripper robot head; W832 servicing robot. The tools purchased in this project can produce multiple products, even in parallel, in the same unit time. In addition, a higher quality level. These modern tools allow us to increase the precision and quality to a high level, which is an extremely important aspect for the competitiveness of our company and a key to our future. The tools are easier to handle. The most advanced automatic sub-assemblies and service units have simplified handling. Not only has the acquisition increased our production capacity, but the equipment has also enabled us to expand our existing product range, for example by producing new types of automotive products, making it easier to adapt to changing market conditions.

Project details:
Start of project implementation: 17.01.2019.
The total eligible cost of the project is HUF 263 697 455.
The amount of the grant awarded to the project is HUF 118 663 854.
The aid intensity is 45 % of the total eligible costs of the project.
Location of the project: 9400 Sopron, Kelta utca 1.
Project ID number: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00160

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