For Duroset Kft., injection moulding is just the beginning. We design and make moulds, we mould plastic parts and then, if requested by our customers, we make them into finished or semi-finished products through our post-production processes.

We are a supplier of comprehensive turnkey solutions with relevant experience and capabilities to take your concept from the drawing board to product delivery.

Complex assembly processes are specifically designed for each product in order to comply with different industry-specific requirements. Our assembly services range from manual assembly on an assembly line to fully automated solutions where the manufacturing process can include the full-scale testing of parts.

As for post-production services, we offer a wide range of additional options:

• Assembly

• Ultrasonic welding

• Thread insert fitting

• Pad printing

We are readily available for the complete in-house assembly of your product from multiple parts. Either you provide the purchased parts to us or we purchase them according to your specifications, assemble them with the manufactured plastic parts, properly package and deliver them on time.

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